Volvo unveiled a car cradle for children

In an effort to ensure maximum safety and comfort for even the smallest passengers Volvo has decided to relieve the parents from having to bother with child seats. However, for installing proprietary “cradle” have to give up the front passenger seat, he said.

The child seat installed on a special pedestal, received servos, allowing not only to turn it, but also to change the angle of the chair. Thus, the child can both sleep and awake in familiar positions.

In addition, the base of the chair was a place for a variety of storage compartments and cup holders for the heated bottles and baby food.

Orientation chairs counter-movement was for engineers Volvo yet another way to show their own opinion on the safety of children. According to specialists, it is the location of the seat is the safest for the baby until at least 3-4 years, because, firstly, the muscles of the neck of the child still not matured, and, secondly, his head relative to the body in the age disproportionately high and, therefore, hard.

Chief specialist on development of interiors for concept cars Volvo Tisha Johnson said that such devices in the future will have fairly widespread, as are the logical complement to the interior of cars with independent management. But the primary goal of such automated child seat – make life easier and more comfortable parents going to travel with a small child.