Volkswagen promises a revolutionary battery

Volkswagen is developing a new technology batteries, which, according to company boss Martin Winterkorn, will bring “a quantum leap electric cars».

It is worth noting that the German manufacturer rather cautious about the development of pure electric vehicles, electric vehicles and introduced at e-Up , e-Golf and Golf GTE .

In an interview German newspaper Bild Winterkorn stated: «VW in Silicon Valley in California superbatareyu studies, which should become cheaper, more powerful and less. The field of view – an electric Volkswagen, who will be able to travel 300 km [without charge] ».

He also said that the company is about to launch a three-wheeled scooter, like a Segway. «Our model will be much better – more elegant and less with the price of 1 000 euros, which is much cheaper. It can be folded and put away in the trunk ».