Toyota Camry recognized as the most American car

Toyota Camry sedan and minivan Toyota Sienna was named the most “American” models available on the US car market. This is the conclusion in his study came specialists portal .

The rating can get only cars that are manufactured and sold in the United States. It is based on an index which is calculated based on how much one or the other model consists of components manufactured in the United States. If their number is less than 75 percent, then the machine automatically excluded from the list.

In addition, it can not get the model assembled specifically for the United States outside the state, as well as machines that go to the US market and having a direct successor.

The study noted that at the moment in the United States produced 101 model, if not to take into account the heavy pickups and commercial vehicles. In 2010, the rating of the American machines includes 29 models, but in 2015 it fell only seven cars.

In addition to the two models of “Toyota”, the list also included the Japanese minivan Honda Odyssey. The rest of the rankings have become models of concern General Motors: sports car Chevrolet Corvette, as well as three-row SUVs GMC Acadia, Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave.

As a result of last year’s ranking of the American car was named the Ford F-150, Toyota Camry located In second place. Experts noted that the pickup was not in this list, since after the change of generation the number of “home” of the components used in the model has decreased by about 75 percent.