Toll roads in Poland became more

According to the Polish company viaTOLL, June 30 in the country toll road network expanded by 251 km. The truth does not have to pay for all cars, but only for those whose gross weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes. The Association of International Carriers of Ukraine asked to consider this information when planning the route of cargo transportation on the territory of Poland.

So, from June 30 pay were the following sections of Polish roads:

  • The A4 motorway, crossing Tarnow North – the intersection of Debica East, length of 35.17 km.
  • An express road S3, the intersection of Gorzow Wielkopolski South – intersection Skwierzyna South, 27.10 km long.
  • An express road S5, the intersection of Rydzyna – crossing Korzehsko, length 26.84 km.
  • An express road S8, the intersection Wieluh – crossing Lask, the length of 74.07 km.
  • An express road S8, Jezewo (intersection with the regional road number 671) – Choroszcz (intersection with the road № 2287B), its length is 18.53 kilometers.
  • An express road S11, the intersection of Poznan North – the intersection of Poznan Tarnowo Podgorne, a length of 13.07 km.
  • An express road S12, the intersection Jastkow – Kalinowka (intersection with the road № 112435L), the length of 32.78 km .
  • An express road S61, the intersection of Raczki – crossing Suwatki South, 11.98 km length of the section.
  • Skorotsnaya road S69, the intersection of Bielsko-Biata Komorowice – the intersection of Bielsko-Biata Mikuszowice, length 11.08 km.