The network is shown a hybrid Toyota Prius new generation

At the disposal of the Taiwan edition of Autonet appeared, allegedly the first official images and information about hybrid Toyota Prius next generation. The public premiere of a novelty will take place in October at the Tokyo Motor Show in.

On the scans show two different “Prius”. One is a standard version of the model, while the other image illustrates an embodiment with rechargeable batteries household power (PHV). This last one is made in the style of H-model Toyota Mirai.

Photos interior new items yet, but, according to Autonet, it will also be made in the spirit of Mirai.

Overall length, width and height of the next Prius will be 4550, 1770 and 1490 millimeters respectively, and the size of the wheel base is equal to 2700 millimeters. Mass of the regular version will be 1,280 kilograms, and rechargeable – 1350 kg.

The network is shown a hybrid Toyota Prius new generation

The structure of the power plant will enter the 1.8-liter petrol engine with 105 horsepower, 90 horsepower electric motor, a set of lithium-ion batteries, as well as variator. The total return units – 145-150 horsepower. Option PHV can travel solely on electric up to 50 kilometers. In the hybrid mode, fuel consumption of 1.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

It was reported earlier that the next “Prius” get polnprivodnuyu transmission. During the rotation of the rear wheels will meet the electric motor. Furthermore, this system can only operate at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour. In addition, the hybrid can get wireless charging batteries, it operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction

It is expected that sales of the new generation Toyota Prius will start in the second quarter of 2016.