In Mexico, the journalist took a test drive BMW i8 electric car and smashed it

Automakers usually safe to provide journalists with the car for a test drive. Whether it Renault Logan and Bentley Continental GT. But not all members of the media are able to properly handle the machines. Mexican journalist who became the hero of the news, hardly more than go to the press tour BMW.

A representative of a local magazine asked the importer for BMW test drive i8, who recently put to the test fleet. Why not? The material is supposed to be good. Hold the keys “- something like this thinking in the auto center. And, of course, regret it. Several hours later, the test drive, the journalist lost control and ended up in an accident on an expensive supercar.

As the local media (not the ones where he worked as the journalist), driver and passenger received minor injuries i8. They have to get out of the cabin, which “wraps” a layer of carbon. Both men were wearing. Photos from the accident scene published WreckedExotics.