Researchers have proposed to receive electricity from the friction of tires

The team Wang Xudong has developed a new method of obtaining energy from such physical phenomena as friction of tires on the road. During the pre-test, the researchers used toy cars.

The team from the Technical University of Wisconsin-Madison decided to use friction tires to generate electricity. Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Xudong Wang, suggested that to overcome the friction of tires accounts for about 10 percent of the fuel used by the vehicle. With graduate student Jantsch Mao whole year they developed a device for producing electricity.

Unlike Goodyear, has submitted in March concept tire that turns the heat and stir in the
electricity using thermal / piezoelectric material, the concept works by Van electrodes embedded in the tire, which due to the movement (against each other) generate electricity.

To test their theory, the team equipped system and LED toy jeep. When the car went, LED flash, assuming that the energy is still wasted, can be collected and used.

The researchers found that the amount of energy was proportional to the weight of the vehicle and speed. According to Wang, the technology can offer a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Just do not tell researchers how they bypassed the law of conservation of energy? Interaction of the electrodes involves the occurrence of any electromagnetic induction, which in turn will create a counter force. Do not have to spend on these “10 percent” of electricity 20 percent of the fuel further? ..