The race on the mountain Pikes Peak won the first electric car

The winner of the race at Pikes Peak mountain in the United States became the first electric vehicle pilot. The best time – 9 minutes and 7.222 seconds – showed Figure Millen behind the wheel of the electric vehicle eO PP03. Second in the race was also the driver in a car with electric drive – Nobuhiro Tajima on sportprototipov Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One.

Four-wheel drive racing car eO PP03 is equipped with six motors YASA-400 with total capacity of 1386 hp. The total torque won the Pikes Peak machine is 2160 Nm. Vehicle weight is 1,150 kilograms Millen, and its maximum speed is 260 kilometers per hour.

From the arrival of the winner Tajima behind by 25 seconds. Third in the race was Paul Dallenbah, speaking on the machine in a class of PVA Open Wheels. He conceded Millen almost half a minute.

In 2014, the winner of the race at Pikes Peak became Romain Dumas at the wheel of a prototype Norma M20 RD. The absolute record for lifting the mountain Pikes Peak in 2013. Sebastien Loeb set. Nine-WRC champion drove on the track behind the wheel of a prototype 875-strong Peugeot 208 T16 8 minutes 13.878 seconds.

A total of 2015 race at Pikes Peak was attended by 133 pilots.

Top 10 race at Pikes Peak

Position Pilot Class Time
1. Figure Millen Elec-Electric Modified 9: 07,222
2. Nobuhiro Tajima Elec-Electric Modified 9: 32,401
3. Sex Dallenbah PPC-Open Wheel 9: 36,496
4. Jeff Zwart Time Attack1 9: 46,243
5. Spencer Steele PPC-Open Wheel 9: 53,494
6. Clint Vahsholts PPC-Open Wheel 9: 55,479
7. Jeffrey Tigert Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10: 02,735
8. Dominic Dobson Unlimited Division 10: 15,289
9. Devied Rove Time Attack1 10: 17,332
10. Travis Newbold Pikes Peak Heavyweight 10: 18,514