Nissan Murano recalls due to faulty ABS

Nissan withdraws 2015 Murano , to fix the problems with the braking system.

This was after the company supplying the anti-lock system (ABS) said, that one of the parties was made pollution of the solenoid, which prevents its complete closure. The problem may cause a rise or drop in hydraulic pressure in the braking system, according to the version of failure.

«In some driving conditions, when the ABS is activated, the fault drive antilock brake system can lead to loss of stability of the braking system , increasing the risk of accidents », – the statement says Nissan.

The problem was spotted supplier during routine testing, and not on the road. On any accidents or injuries at the automaker no information.

Review limited to certain models of Nissan Murano 2015, the number of which is estimated at about 9,600 units.