New Toyota Mirai can travel 312 miles on hydrogen fuel

According to the results of tests EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), at the moment Toyota Mirai – the only hybrid car on the market, able to cover a distance of over 500 km without refueling. For comparison, tests Tesla Model S ranges from 390 to 426 km.

The results of this test are very important for car manufacturers that produce their products on the American automobile market as EPA is very closely monitoring the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. For example, two years ago, EPA has imposed a fine of $ 185 million for the company Kia and $ 210 million for the company Hyundai due to the fact that the rate of fuel consumption at 900,000 sold in the United States was underestimated by 3%.

Hydrogen Fuel Car is 1 gallon per 67 miles, or, based on the more familiar system 3.51 liters per 100 kilometers. The total fuel capacity of 5 kg or 170 liters of liquid hydrogen stored in two tanks made of carbon fiber. They are connected to the converter, which drives the entire hybrid unit, the total capacity of which is 151 hp ..

It is worth mentioning a specific approach to the marketing department of Toyota ad campaign. In a promotional video states that hydrogen – the most abundant chemical element in the universe, and it can be produced even from manure. Self promo video is called «Fueled by bullsh * t».