Prepared for the new Dodge Challenger two motors

The company has prepared a new Dodge coupe version Challenger for drag – Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak. For news automaker offers two engines: the atmosphere of 426 cubic inches (7 liters) and 354 cc unit (5.8 liters) with a mechanical supercharger.

The block 5.8-liter engine is made of cast iron, and the crankshaft – of steel. In addition, the unit has received new camshafts and a special control program.

seven-liter unit is made on the basis of the engine with an aluminum block and aluminum cylinder head. For this purpose also created a new engine management software.

Both engines work with racing automatic transmission. It is a modernized version of the previous transmission dregovogo Challenger, which in turn is made on the basis of the three-step “automatic┬╗ Chrysler 727.

Plus, for dregovoy version Dodge Challenger to prepare a new front and rear suspension , upgraded brakes, a special body paint, roll cage, racing seats and five-point harness. Front and rear of the coupe fitted 15-inch wheels with tires of a width of 4.5 inches (114 mm) in front and nine inches (228 mm) at the rear.

Coupe prepared to participate in official competitions held by, for example, under the auspices of the National Association of hot rods (NHRA).

Prices of atmospheric dregster Mopar Challenger Drag Pak starts from 99.4 thousand dollars. Supercharged version will cost at least 109.3 thousand.