Mazda refuses to “charged” roadster MX-5

The company Mazda has no plans to develop “charged” modification model MX-5 new generation. This edition of Top Gear said the head of the project on creation of a roadster Nobuhiro Yamamoto.

According to the engineer, it is important “not to focus on the amount of horsepower and torque value.” He noted that the most important thing in the MX-5 is its “control and then the pleasure of driving the driver getsĀ».

In addition, Yamamoto said that the “hot” version of the roadster would have been quite expensive, which It does not meet one of the main concepts of the model – its availability. Finally, the engineer said that he never planned to develop modifications to the MX-5 with the turbo engine, as “Car of the type best suited atmospheric unitsĀ».

It was reported earlier that the leadership of “Mazda” is exploring the possibility of creating more powerful version of the MX-5. This option could get a 2.5-liter engine family SkyActive-G, used in the Mazda3. According to others, on the roadster could use a turbocharged unit, which would be allowed to keep a small mass model and ideal weight distribution.

Mazda MX-5 fourth generation was introduced in September 2014. Roadster built on a new platform, which provided him the lowest center of gravity in the model’s history. Weight reduced by 100 kilograms compared to its predecessor. Motor Gamma MX-5 has included a 1.5-liter engine developing 131 horsepower, and a 160-strong unit volume of two liters.