In Kiev the night was “Hollywood” accident

 In Kiev, there Stuntman accident involving a car” Tavria “. The surviving driver of the car did not find anything better how to escape from the scene.

The accident occurred on Sunday night, July 5, on Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard near the Alexander Hospital. According to the site, the driver of the car “Tavria”, without license plates lost control, flew out to the lawn and drove over it several tens of meters and crashed into a Cadillac Escalade, which unfolded in October the hospital, in front of Gulliver.

The impact “Tavria” was thrown several meters. The driver ran from the car, and then was hit by another car. But that did not stop a man who had previously been “tipsy.” Losing one slap, with a bloody head, he quickly disappeared in the direction Bessarabki.

At the scene emergency team arrived and a number of new patrol patrol. As in past accidents, the police were in black uniforms and jackets without that extremely dangerous, especially at night.