In Japan, the recall “Honda”

In the Japanese market, announced a massive recall motorcycle and scooter brands Honda .

The recall shall be approximately 30 000 motorcycles and maksiskuterov who could potentially be a serious problem for the electrical part.

It was found that the engine start button for these units motor vehicles may not be watertight, as expected, and it can penetrate the moisture and dampness.

Defective buttons can be affected by rain or just stop working from excessive accumulation of moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.

In addition, it could cause a short circuit, worse than a simple inability to start engine.

A total of service campaign is planned to cover 29,232 units of machinery Honda. No less than 37 models have been affected by a problem with this button engine start. All revokes motorcycles and scooters have been issued during the period from 2013 to 2015.

Honda advises customers to contact your nearest dealer and make an inspection. If the button proves to be defective, it will change to the free good.

Some of the affected revocable campaign models are also sold in other markets, particularly in Europe and North America. These include models such as the CBR125R, CBR250R, CBR600R, scooters Integra and a number of models. So this means that customers of these regions may also receive the notification message from the “Honda».