In Europe, we chose the best cars

In the list of contenders for the title “Car of the Year” includes 40 new products, which have already this year to enter the Western market or preparing to go to the end of the year.

This year, unlike previous years, candidates began including small-scale models, producing a circulation of less than 5,000 units per year.

For some “green” development, which have long become widespread, it was a chance to compete for the title. In particular, the world’s first production car in the hydrogen fuel cell – Toyota Mirai – was among the nominees.

Relief in the rules also allowed McLaren 570S supercar and Mercedes-AMG GT to break into the list. Some of the candidates we have already test (see ref. Below). Full list of candidates looks like:

It should be noted that in the next five months, the list can still be supplemented by new products, and the vote of the jury will begin in December. First it will be determined the shortlist, and the following March a winner. It is traditionally called the Geneva Motor Show.