Hyper Division HSX3 – 3-wheel scooter for disabled

The Italian company Hyper Division takes care of the disabled, releasing a special 3-wheeled scooter HDX3. In 2015, the Italians have improved it to empower the vehicle, designed for wheelchair users.

Among Hyper Division did not invent anything new, but the Italians gradually develop a project that is really useful for people with disabilities. The scooter-trike Hyper Division HSX3 developed on the basis of the scooter Piaggio Liberty, that is, it can be equipped with a motor of 50 to 300 cm3. In the basic configuration Hyper Division HSX3 equipped with 151 cc engine with one camshaft (SOHC). The power unit produces 12 hp power at 7750 rev / min and 12 Nm of torque at 6500 rev / min.

Other features:

  • air cooling
  • CVT box
  • telescopic fork with 76 mm stroke
  • 15-inch front wheel
  • Rear adjustable shock
  • 14-inch rear wheel
  • 240 mm front disc brakes, 140 mm rear drum
  • two electric motors (24V-450W, 24V-120W) to reverse the ramp and
  • batteries 12V-12Ah
  • belt
  • handbrake
  • manual control