How much will it cost the new budget sub-brand vehicles from concern Volkswagen?

Recall, last week it became known, that in a few years, Volkswagen plans to start selling cars under a new brand. The global sub-brand, whose name has not been disclosed, created specifically for emerging markets in the first place – China, India, Africa and the countries of Eastern Europe and Latin America. Most likely, for the realization of these machines with minimal cost to create a separate dealer network. According to preliminary data, the cost of sedans and hatchbacks sold under a new sub-brand will range from 8 to 11 thousand euros.

Martin Winterkorn said that the low price is achieved through the use of inexpensive materials in the construction of the bodies (when they are created It will apply little aluminum and high strength steels). In addition, a set of options and additional systems will be reduced to the minimum necessary, and the suspension will be installed very simple. As an architectural plan to use the already familiar to all fans of cars Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat platform MQB.

It should be noted that to date, the Volkswagen Group owns a total of twelve different brands.