How many new police officers guarding Kiev?

The employees of the new patrol Kiev atonement for his first tour of duty on Saturday, July 4th at 21:00 – on the same day when the official ceremony of putting the oath employees. On the streets of the capital went to work, 500 new police officers: 200 avtopatruley (each car with two police officers) and 100 foot policemen. At night, walking in avtopatruli employees sit down and thus in a police car is three employees. Just a patrol of Kiev involved 2 thousand. Employees. The new division of the force is made up of four battalions of 500 men, 40 mouth and 80 people – the commanders and deputy mouth.

The work of patrol police takes place in two shifts, each lasting 12 hours. The day begins at 9:00 am, and the night – at 21:00. The city is divided into certain tactical squares are sure that the police patrols. The essential difference between the new and the traffic police patrol from the PPP – the policeman on duty is prohibited avtopatrulyu standing in place – the crew must constantly move in traffic. Of course, unless the offense is made out.

The actions are coordinated avtopatruley controllers working in the duty of the patrol police in Kiev. Because dispatchers know where each crew – provided as soon as possible the arrival of the patrol to the scene – as shown by the first days of work, it takes, on average, in a leak 3 minutes.