“Honda” has established Guinness record for the most economical driving

The company Honda has set Guinness record for the most economical in the world driving in a car. It is reported by the press service of the automaker.

The achievement was installed on diesel wagon Civic Tourer with a 1.6-liter engine. Machine alternately ruled by two experts of the European Research Centre “Honda” Fergal McGrath and Julian Warren.

The trip started on June 1 in the Belgian town of Aalst and ended in the same place after 25 days. During this time, have worked together for almost 18 years colleague drove 13 thousand 498 kilometers on the territory of 24 states of the European Union.

The average fuel consumption was 2.82 liters per hundred kilometers, which is 25 percent less than the official fuel consumption, declared in the documents to the Civic Tourer (3,8 liters per hundred kilometers in the combined cycle).

"Honda" has established Guinness record for the most economical driving

To confirm the record McGrath and Warren took to provide for the Guinness is some evidence, including photos and videos of travel, as well as personal Signature of independent observers from each country through which they passed. Engineers were required to maintain records of mileage and fuel consumption of the machine. Finally, GPS-coordinates of their fixed route with a special device from the British company Tracker, which produces equipment for the search of stolen art.

The record was set on full production car. According to the requirements, refueling stations are on normal to full fuel tank to eliminate the advantage of weight. In addition, the tire pressure, as well as the alignment of the wheels, had to meet the standards recommended by the manufacturer.

In May, Peugeot 208 set the record for efficiency, driving on one tank 2152 kilometers. Fuel consumption hatchback equipped with a 1.6-liter diesel engine, will not exceed two liters per hundred kilometers. The achievement was recorded by French certification organization UTAC.