Formula 1 teams have agreed to change the look of the cars

The strategic group of Formula 1, which includes leading teams, commercial rights holders and representatives of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), held a meeting in the British Biggin Hill, the results of which had been previously approved a number of changes to the technical and sporting regulations. In particular, the team agreed that in 2017 the cars have become faster and more aggressive look.

«It was a very constructive meeting, which led to the approval of important decisions and innovations,” – said in a statement the FIA. Now, some changes will have to approve the Commission of Formula 1 and the FIA World Motor Sport Council.

The teams have decided that in 2017 the cars and wheels should be wider. Change the shape of the wings and aerodynamic shape of the bottom, which should lead to increased downforce. In addition, the team will have to propose ideas for changing the exhaust system on the machines in 2016 – in order to improve the sound of cars.

Formula 1 teams have agreed to change the look of the cars

Together with the width can vary and wheel diameter. In the summer of 2014 the company Pirelli first experienced on the car Lotus 18 inch tires and wheels. Now racing series uses 12-inch wheels in front and 13.7-inch rear wheels


The modifications of the exhaust system will be discussed by the Commission and the World Council. Also, these organizations have to adopt mitigation system of fines for exceeding the limit on the use of motors during the season. The system was criticized after the last Austrian Grand Prix: some pilots from the installation of a fifth engine of the season received fines that can not be served. Thus, the McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso were punished by the loss of 25 starting places on the grid, despite the fact that in Formula 1 involved 20 pilots.

One of the measures aimed at easing the limit of motors, will rule exceptions – pilots newcomers and producers, who spend in F1 debut season, permit the use of one additional power plant for a season. This change will be applied retroactively to the Honda – the supplier of engines team McLaren, who had returned to Formula 1 after eight years.

Sound trubirovannyh Formula 1 race cars do not like the fans. Last summer, the team Mercedes AMG even tested special “megaphone”, designed to amplify sound

Also, the FIA and the Formula 1 management company Formula One Management will offer a package of measures for the development of power plants and the cost of their supplies, including a complete overhaul of the system of tokens (permits for revision of a component of the power plant), rates of fuel for the race, and restrictions on the use of dynamometers.

Some of the changes discussed by the Strategic Group, will come into force in 2015 and 2016. So, already in August the Belgian Grand Prix will be tightened control of the prompts on the radio pilot, and in 2016 changed the rules and format of the qualifying weekend. In addition, in 2016, will enable teams to more accurately select the composition of the tires to each Grand Prix. Now the monopoly supplier Pirelli chooses two sets of tires for each step that has drawn criticism from the commands.

Fireballs McLaren with engines Honda to the finish arrives infrequently. The new president “Honda” Takahiro Hachigo (left) personally came at the Grand Prix of Austria to make a difference

The next phase of Formula 1 – Grand Prix – will be held from 3 to 5 July . The championship leader Mercedes AMG driver Lewis Hamilton. His team-mate Nico Rosberg to take in the standings the second line. Sebastian Vettel is third from Ferrari.