Engine “penny» BMW got a water injection

The company showed a prototype BMW hatchback 1-Series with engines equipped with direct injection of water. This technology increases the impact of the motor, and also helps to reduce fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

Experimental “penny” is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit, developing 218 horsepower. Water enters the spray pressure chamber intake manifold by reducing the combustion temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. This reduces the need for more fuel receipts at high engine load, improving the fuel efficiency of eight percent.

In addition, at this time increased boost pressure and increased oxygen content increases the power and torque of the power plant by ten percent. The compression ratio increases from 9.5: 1 to 11.0: 1. Finally, an additional cooling effect reduces on valves, cylinders, turbocharger and catalytic converter.

The BMW noted that the prototype is equipped with a new system of replenishment of water, which eliminates the need for its daily topping. Fluid enters because of condensation occurring as a result of the air conditioning system.

The first unit of BMW with direct injection of water was shown in February on the new pace penalty for M4 Series season MotoGP. Coupe had no function replenishment of water – it was kept in a special five-liter container. Then the Germans announced that the company intends to use this technology on production machines, but did not specify exactly when.