The Goodwood rolled electric three-wheeled Morgan

Hold back this promise last week, Morgan presented at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood electrical vesriya jovial 3-Wheeler . Now it’s “Morgan” EV3 and buy a can in the next year.

As long as we are dealing with a prototype, but the prototype promising – he has already packed with all the required elektropotrohami and then left for a to the running-configuration. The British claim that the weight of such a tricycle only 25 kg exceed the normal variant (550 kg), without losing any momentum. That is a hundred overcome approximately 6 seconds.

But with a top speed all much worse – elektroversiya with 102-horsepower engine behind can recruit only 129 artificially limited km / h versus 185 km / h a gasoline counterpart. But will pass up to 250 km on a single “tank” and recharged in just 4:00.

At the same time the cost of EV3, according to Morgan, will be comparable to a well-stocked 3-Wheeler, so calculate costs about € 40 000. We take?