Premium brand “Citroen” has become part of the team in Formula E

The premium sub-brand brand Citroen – DS – signed a cooperation agreement with the team in Formula E Virgin Racing. This follows from the provisional list of teams for 2016, published on the official website of the racing series. In it the team Virgin Racing, speaking under this title in the season 2015, called DS Virgin Racing.

As previously reported, “Citroen” Virgin intends to provide technical support. It is possible that the company will participate in the development of the new car of the British team. In late May, Citroen and Virgin tested the cars of Formula-E.

In the provisional application in the next season appear the same ten teams that played in the debut season of Formula E this year. The changes affected only the name of the group. So, in addition to Virgin, the name changed teams Audi Sport ABT and Amlin Aguri. Now they will be called ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport and Team Aguri.

As for Citroen, the day before CEO Linda Jackson said that in 2017 mark “Citroen” will be presented in one motorsport discipline of the two, which is involved now – in the World Rally Championship WRC or global Turinge WTCC.

Does this mean a complete cessation of “Citroen” program in the WRC and WTCC, is not clear. The company may continue to participate in one of these disciplines under a different brand, for example, DS.

The debut season of Formula-E ended June 28 race in London. The champion became the Brazilian Nelson Piquet Jr. of Team China Racing. The best result of pilots Virgin was fifth place in the standings, he took the Briton Sam Bird. In the standings of the Virgin was also the fifth.

In the season WRC 2014 “Citroen” has won in the manufacturers championship second place with twice less points than Volkswagen. The WTCC French team by a wide margin from the other two participating manufacturers – Honda and Lada – won first place.