Chevrolet Cruze Sedan will learn to cool smartphones

The list of equipment sedans Chevrolet Malibu and Impala in 2016 will enter the cooling system of the smartphone. In the same year his debut feature in the Cruze and Volt models, the new generation of reports.

It will be offered for those cars in front of the box which is equipped with a wireless phone charger.

Serious design changes in the front panel took engineers have put together a box, which is a platform of wireless charging, with air conditioning. The system will automatically include – whenever the driver will lower the temperature of the air conditioning system of the car.

The Chevrolet stressed that modern smartphones have thermal protection, but this is not enough. The cooling system of the smartphone to help reduce the burden on hardware and batteries, thus extending their service life. This American company recommends keeping smartphones in a cool ventilated place, not only in the car, but also on the premises.

Wireless charging batteries of mobile phones is due to electromagnetic induction. Charger in the form of a plate connected to the power source and generates a magnetic field whose energy on a small limited range transmitted equipped with an induction coil smartphone.

Concern General Motors has declared desire to equip their car wireless charging more in 2011. It was assumed that the first car with such a function in 2012 was to be the electric car Volt. However, later the debut of the system has been postponed to 2014.

The first GM vehicle with this function became SUVs Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade. At the same time the very first machine to the list of equipment which included a wireless charger, in 2013 became the sedan Toyota Avalon.