How to charge the Tesla Model S via pedestrian [video]

We have been told, how to charge the Tesla Model S without charger . And a British company called Pavegen has proposed another method, which looks more realistic, rather than getting electricity from the friction of tires, Wang Xudong developed by a team from the Technical University of Wisconsin-Madison .

New British device called «Pavegen Tile» («Tile Pavegen»), is essentially an outdoor unit, which generates electric power from kinetic energy of the human foot. When a person gets on the plate, it is compressed and converts this motion into electricity.

In this video, the company shows how the tiles can be used to charge the battery Tesla Model S, is not plugged in.

But, says the designer, each step generates only 7 watts of power – to charge the electric car will require hundreds of thousands of steps. Therefore, the company offers to establish such boards in crowded places.

Pavegen demonstrated the technology in the real world setting of the device at the office in France and held a publicity stunt on the soccer field in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now the company is looking for sources of funding to run the system in mass production. Due to resource already collected more than 2 mln. US dollars.