BMW X7 first photographed in the street

Australian Motoring magazine published a photograph of the mysterious model BMW. It is unknown large crossover larger than the X5.

It seems that in front of us – the first shot rival Mercedes GL (he was soon renamed GLS). The car was named BMW X7 and is now passing the test near Munich.

The experts are inclined, it is not the final contours of the body trends. They say that the Bavarians took the usual mule X5 and bound him a little. Now BMW test pilots suspension and powertrains for the X7. At the heart of a large off-road vehicle is a completely new platform, which, incidentally, will use another model of Rolls-Royce. Technically chassis similar to the BMW G11.

The premiere BMW X7 market held no earlier than 2018. According to journalists BMW Blog, body crossover will be named G07. Weighing “X-seventh” is about 1900 kg. At the heart of the machine is widely used in aluminum and carbon. It is expected that in the year in the world will be sold 50 thousand copies X7.