BAC Mono Single sports car became more powerful

The British automaker Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has updated its unique model – a single sports car Mono. The main change – a new and more powerful engine. This writes Top Gear.

In place of 284 still-strong 2.3 four-cylinder engine from the company came Cosworth 2.5-liter engine capacity of 310 horsepower, prepared by the British company Mountune. Weight sports car remained the same – 580 kilograms. The ratio of power to weight is now 533 per ton force.

The dynamic characteristics of new items not specified. BAC Mono old motor can recruit “hundreds” of 2.8 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 273 kilometers per hour.

Among other innovations – an electronic gas pedal and extensive personalization program, in which the steering wheel and the seat are made for each individual driver.

It is expected that the sports car more expensive, but the exact amount is not reported. Mono current costs from 124.2 thousand pounds (175 thousand euros).