The Germans will make Audi A1 in the rally car group B

The German tuning house MTM announced the project of deep modernization of compact Audi A1 . By design, the machine will be made in the car stylist Ingolstadt brand, which in the 1980s took part in the World Rally Championship in the most powerful category – group B, later abolished due to a number of serious accidents with dead audience.

Information on the project is small. We only know that the new product will be based on “charged” hatchback S1 and finalized in accordance with the technical requirements of the group B. The car will receive the same white and yellow paint that legendary racing car Audi Quattro. In the same style made him an aerodynamic body kit, developed by the American designer Roland Hall.

Serial Audi S1 is equipped with a 231-horsepower two-liter turbo engine. Now MTM can bring the power of this unit to the 427 forces, but the company promises that the final “rally” option will be to develop 450 forces. Also, do not rule out the possibility of tuners installed on this machine 500-horsepower engine and a 2.5 sequential gearbox. Maybe this option will be available for an extra charge.

According to MTM founder Roland Mayer, Audi A1 style rally cars in the group can be run in small-scale production in the event that there are at least 10 who want to buy a car . Each of hatchbacks certify for use on public roads.

The cost of new items will be about 120 thousand euros. For comparison, 110 thousand and 115 thousand euros in Germany are 560-hp Audi RS6 and RS7.