At the auction sold a prototype flying machine Boeing

The auction house Barret-Jackson sold a prototype flying car company Boeing. Unique Machine-Sky Commuter plane was sold for 71.5 thousand dollars.

Boeing developed the concept of a compact personal vehicle capable of lifting up into the air in the 1980s. The project, costing six million dollars, was attended by about 60 investors. There were built three prototypes, however, it has survived only one of them.
Three-wheeled vehicle has been equipped with three screws, gasoline turbo engine and drive shafts, based at the helicopter counterparts. The machine has the function of vertical take-off, it was able to sit down and go up into the air with water. The motion was carried forward by thrust from a nozzle located in the “tail” of the machine.

At the auction sold a prototype flying machine Boeing
Inside, the instrument panel was used, made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. The car was driven by two pedals and the electronic joystick.

Subsequently, Boeing has decided to roll the project. Two of the three prototypes were destroyed. The rest of the car, the plane does not work – it does not have the power plant.
One of the most famous projects of flying cars owned by the company Terrafugia. In 2009 she showed her first model Transition, certified as a “light sport aircraft.” Now these cars are preparing a series of Slovak company AeroMobil Germans from Carplane.